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Fri 31
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Course Status

Sandy Lodge: Course Open, there will be no restrictions on trollies or buggies.

Hole 15 - Markes' Pride

Member’s Tip:

Markes' Pride. Named after the founder of the club and apparently one of Peter Alliss's favourites, the 15th is the longest and most difficult Par 3 on the course. Most members will run the ball on to the green because it's unlikely to stop in dry conditions. However, don't underestimate the carry to be over the bunkers short left and right. The left hand side is preferable to avoid the copse (do NOT be in there!) and the greenside bunker on the left leaves a reasonably simple recovery shot. 

David Banks - Handicap 15
Yds 216 Par 3
Yds 213 Par 3
Yds 195 Par 3
Yds 148 Par 3

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