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Sandy Lodge: Course Open, there will be no restrictions on trollies or buggies.

Hole 13 - Oxhey View

Member’s Tip:

The 13th hole now is much more challenging since the new bunker was built into the fairway. Personally, I still like to try and drive over or past this large bunker to the right so that I have a relatively short iron to a very difficult green that slopes downwards then rises to a plateaux at the back of the green. There is also a green side bunker on the left hand side and a difficult swale to chip out of on the right. Any approach going long leaves you with a very nasty chip back. So, although the hole is relatively short the large fairway bunker and hazards around the green can make what looks a simple hole quite difficult to par.  

Steve Grimwood - Handicap 17
Yds 329 Par 4
Yds 327 Par 4
Yds 324 Par 4
Yds 318 Par 4

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