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As part of a progressive, vibrant and thriving Club, Sandy Lodge members enjoy the benefits of superb, year round playing and practice facilities. The Club is owned by and run purely for the benefit of its members. In addition to its excellent playing facilities, the Club has a modern, well appointed Clubhouse which hosts a wide variety of social events throughout the year further generating the sense of community within the membership.

Sandy Lodge welcomes new members in all categories; Gentlemen; Ladies; Junior; Non-Playing; Members Abroad; Country; Affiliate; and Practice Rights Members.


There are three primary categories of adult playing membership at the Club; these are 7 Day, 7 Day Off Peak and 5 Day respectively.

7 Day Off Peak members can play at any time on weekdays but are restricted to playing on weekend afternoons only (after 1pm in the summer and 12 noon in the winter months). 5 Day members are restricted to playing on weekdays only.

There are currently vacancies for 5 Day, 7 Day Off Peak and full 7 Day membership. At times of limited availability, and depending on handicap, applicants aspiring to 7 Day membership may need to apply in the first instance as a 7 Day Off Peak member and then join a waiting pool before becoming a 7 Day member.

In addition to the above primary categories of membership there are further categories open to new members; these include:- Affiliate(pre-handicap), Junior, Practice Rights and Social. Details of these are available through the Club’s General Office.

Type Of membership Subscription Cost Entrance fee
Seven days £1,662 £1,500
Seven day Off Peak £1,514 £1,500 
Five Day £1,420 £750

Reduced by 20% for every year spent as a Junior member.

The entrance fee above may be paid in two installments over two years
(5 installments for 18-25).
The entrance Fee is reduced to £500 for immediate family members of existing member (Spouse or children) assuming the existing member has paid a full joining fee.The maximum combined entrance fee to be paid by a member and spouse (or son/daughter) is £2,000.

The Club’s year ends on the 30th April and the above subscription rates will be pro rated dependent on the date of joining. There is an additional subscription (£175 for full playing members) which is for a Club card to be used for purchasing food or drink at the Club.

Every member is also a shareholder in Sandy Lodge and is therefore a part owner of the Club and consequently new members are required to buy a minimum of 45 shares in Sandy Lodge Golf Club limited at a cost of £7.50 each plus stamp duty.

Social Membership

Social Membership is available for only £132. Please enquire at the office.

Golf Academy 

An opportunity for ladies and men to learn to play golf.

A little more spare time on your hands? Looking for a healthy outdoors pursuit and a chance to meet new friends? We can help you by offering you the chance to become part of a highly successful Ladies' or Mens' Academy. 

For beginners an initial 6 week course with a weekly lesson at a total cost of £99, which includes unlimited use of the Practice Facilities during that period, and for those of you who have had lessons before and are ready to become an Affiliate member, play the Course, gain a handicap and then join the main Club.

We also have Academy Plus - A 3 month course to include 6 X 45 minute lessons on the course with the Professional and unlimited use of the practice facilities. Cost only £225. Please enquire at the Pro Shop or the Office.

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