Sandy Lodge Golf Club

Lifestyle Membership

What are the Memberships Key Benefits?

Lifestyle Membership offers 7-day access to the golf course and many of the benefits of membership but for a limited number of rounds (20 per year).

This membership is based on a 12 month period as of the 1st May. If however you are joining from the start of August, your fees will be calculated on a pro-rata basis. The yearly subscription fee of £1,150 inclusive of your Clubcard payment (£150 of this is a contribution to costs relating to your membership, with the remaining £1,050 allocated to membership subscription.

The Lifestyle Membership also has a joining fee of £500 payable for any new member joining the club.

Key Benefits:

  • Choice and flexibility – 7-day access (AM & PM) subject to availability
  • A complimentary swing check with our Professional team
  • Full access to all club facilities, including the practice facilities (complimentary practice balls)
  • A swipe card that allows 10% discount on all beverage purchases across the bar
  • An official CONGU handicap
  • Option to play in Club Medals and Stableford competitions (only Board competitions, knockouts and majors excluded)
  • Ability to sign ONE guest in at the reduced rate, in line with the Club rules
  • Eligible for club teams (home rounds count towards roundage usage)
  • Includes a free County Card allowing access to other golf clubs (1,100 nationwide) offering reduced green fee rates

How Does It Work?

  • Upon playing you must report to the Golf Shop before play and sign into the Registration Book
  • Rounds are counted on an 18 hole basis. Any rounds less than 18 holes will be debited as ONE round
  • You can check your roundage credit at any time through the Golf Office
  • Your membership and benefits run in conjunction with your membership term
  • There will be no rebate of any unused rounds
  • You may upgrade your membership to another category at any point, with the value remaining on your Lifestyle Membership taken into consideration towards your new subscription rate
  • If upgrading, your joining fee credit will also be taken into account against the Full Membership joining fee at the time of upgrading
  • Lifestyle Members will not be asked to purchase shares of the Club, and as such will not be given the right to vote at Club AGMs or EGMs

For more information on how to apply for membership at Sandy Lodge:

Office | Tel: 01923 825429 | Email:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can payments be staggered?
You may pay the joining fee and Club Card payments upfront, and if applicable pay the memberships subscription via DD. Please note this can be split across 10, 8 or 6 months with an additional 5.6% credit fee applied. Details can be obtained via the main Golf Office.

Can I get a handicap?
Yes, affiliation to England Golf is included in your subscription. Please speak to the Club’s General Manager about the procedure for getting your initial handicap.

Do I have to have a handicap?
Yes. If you wish to play during peak times and competitions you require an active handicap. If you haven’t got an active handicap, please speak to the General Manager and he will advise accordingly.

Can I play in competitions?
With a handicap you may play in our regular weekend and mid week club medals and stablefords, and also roll-ups. Rounds will apply as usual and, as for all members, a small entry/prize fee is payable.
A few major ‘board’ competitions and restricted events are only available for Full members. Lifestyle members are not eligible for these, or any of the club match play knock outs.

Do I get money on my Club Card?
Yes, you will receive £150 on to your club card, and you will receive 10% discount on all beverage purchases.

Will I be able to attend social events, bringing family & friends?
Yes, would be delighted if you attend the social events being held at the Club.

Will I be able to play with members from other membership categories?

Can I sign up for Club sections?
Yes. The Club has a number of active sections that run their own events, competitions and roll ups. Ladies, WAGS, Seniors, Tigers, Foxes, and Rabbits. You are welcome to join any of these sections – it is standard practice to put new members in touch with the relevant section Captain’s.

Will I have a membership bag tag?
Yes, This should be attached to your golf bag.

Can I just turn up and play?
Yes, but we would recommend you check the daily tee reservations sheet or call the golf shop to ensure that there is availability. When playing you must always check into the golf shop before play (or bar if the golf shop is closed) so that we can register your round and amend your rounds.
Playing without checking into the golf shop or bar can lead to your membership being terminated.

How do I know my current balance?
Please email the Golf Office and they will be happy to assist.

Can I buy extra rounds?
This will need to be discussed with the General Manager.

What if I run out of rounds before the end of the 12 months?
Please contact the General Manager to discuss.

What if I have unused rounds at the end of 12 months?
There is no rebate available for rounds unused.

Can I bring guests?
Yes, you are able to sign in ONE guest on the reduced green fee rate.

Can I be signed in as a member’s guest?

Are there any times that I will not be able to play?
There will be occasions when tee times are blocked out of major competitions (only full members eligible) or team matches. There will also be occasional restrictions impacting on all members when the course is closed for an event or external competition, or due to extreme weather conditions.