Sandy Lodge Golf Club

Hole 8

Wee One

With a new tee box that has lengthened this hole, the challenge has been increased, but don't let the lack of distance fool you. A small green with 5 bunkers surrounding it make this a daunting tee shot, and the need for accuracy is paramount. A pushed tee shot will find the trees while a pulled shot will find a deep bunker. Compounding the challenge is the steep incline of the green from back to front and left to right. Many a player has three-putted this green.
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Member’S Tip:

Do not underestimate the shortest hole on the course. It is surrounded by bunkers but its main defences are the slope and speed of the green. The key is to leave your tee shot below the hole. Avoid too much backspin, otherwise you can hit what appears to be a good shot only to see it spinning down the slope and off the green, especially when hitting into the prevailing westerly wind. Choice of club is important. You may find that you can land the ball more softly by taking a club or two more than usual, teeing the ball up higher and swinging easy.
Robert Wendt - Handicap 11