Sandy Lodge Golf Club

Hole 7

Laddie’s Cockpit

Shortened and re-shaped to give a good view of the green, this remodelled gem is now the only hole on the course without a bunker. But don't let down your guard. The thick grassed mounds can pose a real problem if the tee shot is offline, and the prevailing breezes can make club selection a difficult decision. A beautiful and challenging par 3!
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Member’S Tip:

After the tough demands of the 5th and 6th holes, the 7th comes almost as a relief. However perils do exist so complacency is ill-advised! The prevailing wind is a help and when ground conditions are firm a medium iron is all that is needed. Added to that, the slopes near the green funnel a mildly off-line but well-struck shot back towards the green. Anything worse, however, gets severe punishment with gorse bushes on the left and hungry long-grassed mounds on the right waiting to swallow the ball. Once on the green, life is relatively straightforward but nevertheless, the mid handicapper leaving the green with a par does so with a mild swagger!
David Hall - Handicap 13