Sandy Lodge Golf Club

Hole 6

Road Hole

A long par 4, this hole presents another tough challenge. With OB down the entire left side of a fairway that slopes to the left, the tee shot needs to be long and straight down the right hand side, but beware the gorse! A long second shot to an elevated green makes this a difficult reach in two. The two-tiered green, which slopes to the left, is protected by bunkers left and right, and an over-clubbed approach flirts with OB behind the green. Once again, a par is most welcome.
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409   5
442   4
456   4
461   4

Member’S Tip:

The sixth hole is arguably the toughest on the course dependent on the direction of the wind. The ideal line is up the right hand side of the fairway as it is sloped right to left and anything up the middle tends to run left into the light rough or worse still get blocked out by one or two small trees. An average drive will get you to the ridge from which it is still 200 yards or so to a raised green protected by a deep bunker on the left and a slightly less difficult one on the right. Once again aim for the right hand side as the green slopes right to left. If you are coming in with a short iron you can probably pitch the green but long shots run the risk of running through to the back leaving a tricky pitch back. There is out of bounds all the way down the left hand side so that needs to be avoided whilst some professionals prefer to play to the right back down the 5th but if you do that be ready to shout Fore to alert golfers on that hole. If you manage to get a par 4 you should be suitably pleased whilst with the wind against you might be advised to play the hole as a 5.
Colin Buckle - Handicap 11