Sandy Lodge Golf Club

Hole 4

Hill’s Brae

Don't let this short par 5 fool you--while certainly a reachable distance for today's player, accuracy on both your tee shot and your approach are mandatory if you're to reach in two. A large new bunker across the right side short of the green will catch any poorly struck approach shots, while hollows behind the green will capture any ball running off the back. The green slopes both left to right and back to front, and many a putt has run right off the front of this tricky green.
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414   5
472   5
501   5
506   5

Member’S Tip:

A relatively short Par five, offering a good chance of a birdie or better. The tee shot is over a slight rise that hides the 3 bunkers down the left side of the fairway, the furthest at 275 yards from the tee. My ideal drive would be aimed to the middle of the fairway with a slight fade. This should counter the slope of the fairway that encourages any shot left of centre into the bunkers. A drive placed too far to the right will find some heavy rough. A well struck shot will leave me with around 190 yards to the centre of the green. I always see the second shot coming in from right to left and landing just short of the putting surface to roll up to pin high. A pushed second will find the gorse surround the right side of the green and over drawing the ball will find the left green side bunker or gorse, so precision is required. The green has a significant slope from front to back and right to left so putting is always a challenge. Two good putts should secure a four! Good luck.
David Scammell - Handicap 2