Sandy Lodge Golf Club

Hole 16

Hookers Knell

A fairly straightforward par 4, the fairway slopes left to right, so keep this downhill tee shot a bit left, but beware the OB. The approach shot should be aimed left as well, as heavy grasses and a water hazard comes into play on the right. The grass bank to the left of the green should bring the ball back to the right, but be advised to let the ball run onto the green. Two pairs of bunkers flank either side of the putting surface, and subtle undulations make this large green difficult to read.
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365   4
391   4
399   4
439   4

Member’S Tip:

This hole really benefits from an accurate drive keeping slightly to the left which protects you from the fall off to the right which can push your ball into the rough or into the awaiting pair of bunkers. However, be aware of the out of bounds along the left hand side of the fairway. The second shot onto the green should also approach from the left to avoid the green side pot bunkers on the right. If you don’t hit a long drive, or your drive doesn’t go to plan, choose a club to lay up before the bunkers on the left and then a third shot onto the green. Again approach from the left hand side to let it roll on, keeping clear of the deep bunkers on the right.
Helen Hoskins - Handicap 16