Sandy Lodge Golf Club

Hole 15

Markes’ Pride

One of the most beautiful on the course, this signature hole is indeed a classic par 3. Surrounded by 4 bunkers, long grasses and several copse of trees, this wide green is only 24 yards deep. The membership typically plays short of the green to let the ball run on, owing to the downhill nature of the tee shot. The green slopes away from the tee box as well, adding to the difficulty and challenge of this lengthy hole.
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213   3
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Member’S Tip:

Markes' Pride. Named after the founder of the club and apparently one of Peter Alliss's favourites, the 15th is the longest and most difficult Par 3 on the course. Most members will run the ball on to the green because it's unlikely to stop in dry conditions. However, don't underestimate the carry to be over the bunkers short left and right. The left hand side is preferable to avoid the copse (do NOT be in there!) and the greenside bunker on the left leaves a reasonably simple recovery shot.
David Banks - Handicap 15