Sandy Lodge Golf Club

Hole 12

Mae West

An uphill dogleg right presents itself at the tee of this formidable par 4. The entire right side of the fairway is steeped in gorse, long grasses and mounding, so take heed of the Pro's tip. The approach to the narrow green, flanked by two bunkers, is unimpeded by a good tee shot. The green is severely sloped from front to back and left to right, so keep your ball below the hole. Downhill putts will break more than you think, so take careful aim.
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Member’S Tip:

From the tee focus on hitting your tee shot through the two humps in front of you. Ideally your tee shot should favour the left hand side of the fairway as this will open up your second shot to the green. The reason to go slightly left is to avoid the rough on the right side of the fairway. The most important thing on this hole is to not to cut too much off the corner of the dog leg during your tee shot.
Sue Varty - Handicap 33