Sandy Lodge Golf Club


As a seasoned golfer you know that improving your game is not just about working on your swing. As a beginner you need expert coaching from professionals who can help your perfect the fundamentals. Our team of coaches are committed to helping you develop and enjoy the game of golf whatever your ability. Our range of coaching packages have been designed specially to enhance your ability in every area of the game from the technicalities of the swing to essential short game skills. See below for some of our options or to find out more please get in touch by calling our Professionals Shop on 01923 825429

Individual Coaching Tariff

One to one lesson aimed at giving you a greater understanding of what you are currently doing in your golf swing and how it affects your shots, what you need to do to change and most importantly how to implement the change creating a new feeling leading to better golf shots.

Lesson Package  Member      Non Member
45 minutes £45.00 £55.00
4 x 45 minutes £170.00 £210.00
6 x 45 minutes £240.00 £285.00

Short Game Specific

90 Min
Member £90
Non Member £100

Aimed to give you the understanding of simple techniques giving you the basis of a solid short game and the clarity of selecting the right shot in various situations, leading to more confidence and lower scores.

Game Management Session

120 Mins
Member £110
Non Member £140

This session aims to bridge the gap between hitting good shots on the range and turning it into lower scores, through improved thinking, shot selection and game management.