Sandy Lodge golf club

Sandy Lodge Golf Club

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Dress Code

Dress Code

Dress Code

Only clothes specifically made or appropriate for golf, and not for other sports or purposes, are acceptable on the course, on the practice range or in the clubhouse.


All types of jeans, paramilitary or camouflage style trousers, combat trousers or tracksuits are not acceptable. Three-quarter/calf-length trousers are not acceptable for men and junior boys.


Only tailored knee-length shorts may be worn, although Ladies may also wear below the knee or calf-length shorts. Multi-pocketed or ‘cargo’ style shorts are not acceptable.


Golf skirts of an acceptable length.


Recognised golf shirts only, rugby or football (style) shirts are not acceptable. Men’s shirts should be tucked into trousers/shorts. Ladies may wear sleeveless tops, but with collars.


On the course short white socks may be worn with shorts. Shoes, other than sandals/flip-flops etc, without socks may be worn in the clubhouse.


Whilst Juniors are permitted to wear trainers in the clubhouse, this is not encouraged.

Members are asked to ensure that all visitors, both to the course and to the clubhouse, are fully aware of the code.